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Lower Congo  (basin)

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142634.23  KM2

Zulu Marine, Zatchi, Youbi, Yombo, Yelairo, Yanga, Xicomba, Wamba, Vuko, Vicango, Venus, Veleiro, Veado, Vanza, Vandji, Tulipa, Tubarao, Tshiala East, Tschiende, Tombua, Tomboco, Terra, Tchiniambi, Tchihumba, Tchibouela East, Tchibouela, Tchibeli Northeast, Tchibeli, Tchibala Marine South, Tchibala Marine North, Tchendo, Tamboril, Takula, Sulele West, Sulele South, Sulele, Sounda, Solha, Sereia, Sendji, Saxi, Savelha, Saturno, Sarda, Zinia, Violeta, Viodo, Sapesapeiro, Sanzamo, Sanha, Salsa, Salmao North, Safueiro, Sabao, Rosa, Robalo, Reco Reco, Raia, Quissama, Quinguila, Quinfuquena, Quiluma, Quifuma, Punja, Prata South, Polvo, Pointe Noire, Pointe Indienne, Plutonio, Plutao, Platina, Pitangueira, Pinda, Perpetua, Percebes West, Pambo, Palas, Palanca Northeast, Palanca, Paladio, Paka A Marine, Pacassa, Oryx, Orquidea, Oombo, Nunce South, Numbi Southeast, Numbi North, Numbi, Nongo, Nemba South, Nemba, Negage, N'Zombo, N'Tene, N'Soko, N'Siamfumu, N'Sano, N'Sangui, N'Kougni, N'Kossa South, N'Kossa, N'Kassa, N'Dola, Mwambe, Mwafi, Mutamba, Muanda, Move Marine, Moubenga Marine, Motoba, Mostarda, Morsa West, Morsa, Mondo, Moko, Moho North, Moho, Miranda, Minzu, Mibale East, Mibale, Mengo, Mblumbumba, Mavanga, Mavacola, Matadi, Masseko, Marte, Marlin, Marina, Marimba, Malongo West, Malongo South, Malongo North, Maleva North, Maleva, Makelekese, Maboqueiro, M'Wengui Marine, M'Bya North Marine, M'Bya Marine South, M'Boundi, M'Bili, Lumueno, Lukami, Lucina Marine West, Lucina Marine, Lucala, Lubi, Luango, Lua, Loussima Southwest, Loussima, Loufika, Loubana, Longui, Longa, Lombo North, Lombo East, Lomba, Lobito, Loango, Livuite Oil, Livuite Gas, Litanzi, Lirio, Limba, Likoufou South, Likoufou, Likouala, Likalala, Lifuma, Lifua, Libwa, Libonolo, Libondo, Liawenda, Lianzi, Landana, Kunji, Kungulo, Kuma, Kuito, Kombi, Kokongo, Kizomba C, Kizomba B, Kizomba A, Kitona, Kitina South, Kitina, Kissanje, Kinkasi, Kifuku, Kiame, Kiabo, Kambala, Kacocha, Jasmim

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  • [2]P13 Angola Block 3&endash;From Wildcat to Intensive Exploration 22 Discoveries &endash; I Billion BBL Recoverable Oil
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